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Men’s Health Week 2021: Don’t be afraid to seek help

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Men’s Health Week 2021: Don’t be afraid to seek help

Men’s Health Week 2021: Don’t be afraid to seek help

The 14 – 21 June is Men’s Health Week 2021. This year’s theme is centred on the relationship between the pandemic and mental health.

This is a topic we can all relate to, but numerous studies over the years have suggested that men are less likely to be open about their mental health struggles. This is an unhealthy predisposition at the best of times, but more so with the weight of the troubles that many have experienced during this past year in the current pandemic.

The physical effect

Naturally, this means that men are less likely to receive help for mental health issues, but this also has a knock-on effect for physical health too.

The tendency for men to bottle up their feelings can lead to a refusal to open up about certain physical health issues. Nearly two-thirds of men say they delay going to the healthcare professional for as long as possible and up to 37% withhold information from healthcare professionals.

The list of justifications ranges from wanting to prioritise their work done to fear of a diagnosis. Perhaps the most common reason is having the attitude that they simply don’t need to see a healthcare professional – they can just tough it out without anyone’s help but physical health problems don’t always go away through willpower. There is nothing wrong with seeking medical help, it’s why healthcare exists.

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Our Men’s Health services

Our two main services for Men’s Health are particularly subject to avoidance due to their appearance as “awkward” or “uncomfortable”. Male pattern baldness and erectile dysfunction can be particularly sensitive, but that’s exactly why they should be treated seriously

Male pattern baldness is commonly identified by a receding hairline, losing/thinning hair around the temples and hair loss around your crown. It is usually genetic and can have a major impact on a man’s self-confidence, even though it is extremely common and affects half of all British men before they turn 50.

Erectile dysfunction is characterised by the inability to achieve or maintain an erection. It is usually caused by fatigue, stress, or excessive alcohol consumption. By negatively affecting an individual’s quality of sex, it also contributes to the reduction of a man’s self-confidence. This is more common in older men, but most men experience it at least once in their lives.

We’re here to help

Despite the potential awkwardness of these conditions, it is vital to seek help in order to improve your quality of life.

The hardest part of overcoming these issues is the initial decision to visit one of our clinics. Our clinicians are trained to treat every patient professionally and comfortably. We promise that no problem is too uncomfortable to be treated and we strive to provide a personalised and holistic approach to treating these issues.

No matter the issue, don’t be afraid to come and see us. We’re here to help. Click here for more information about the benefits of our Walk-in services.

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For more on Men’s Health Week, check out our blog Men’s Health Week 2021: Embracing a Rough Year over at Imaan Healthcare.

If you want to book an appointment with an Imaan pharmacy, or want more details on the conditions discussed in this post, please visit our locations page to find your local community pharmacy.

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