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Vitamin D Deficiency

If you have been lacking vitamin D in your diet, we have supplements and injections available to help you.

Vitamin D

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An increasing number of people are now exploring ways to boost energy levels by investing in lifestyle treatments which improve their health and well-being. In the UK, many people unknowingly suffer from Vitamin D deficiency due to their lack of UVB sunlight throughout the year. This type of sunlight is responsible for creating vitamin D in the skin.
Vitamin D is involved in several systems throughout the body. Some of the symptoms of having a vitamin D deficiency include a poor immune system, tiredness, low moods, hair loss and general body pain. For this reason, the NHS recommends taking the equivalent of 400 - 800 UI (10 - 20 micrograms) Vitamin D supplements daily. Alternatively, you can have a 30,000 UI booster injection every month.

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