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Erectile Dysfunction Advice and Treatment

Erectile dysfunction can be an embarrassing issue, but it doesn't have to be - our team are here to help.

Erectile Dysfunction

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Most men at some point in their lives may experience Erectile Dysfunction (also called impotence) on at least one occasion. The inability to obtain or sustain an erection can have devastating effects on an individual’s quality of sex. Erectile Dysfunction prevalence becomes more common with age. Approximately half of the men affected are aged between 40-70 and two-thirds of men over 70.
The common causes of erectile dysfunction are stress, fatigue, and excess alcohol to name a few. However, there are some men who consistently struggle to get or maintain an erection.
Our walk-in clinics provide a dedicated service for patients affected by Erectile Dysfunction. The clinic aims to provide a personalised and holistic approach to Erectile Dysfunction and the necessary symptomatic treatment where appropriate. Where more serious concerns are identified, the necessary referrals will be made.