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Getting treatment for an ear infection – Jeff’s story

Ear Infection Urgent Care Advice

Getting treatment for an ear infection – Jeff’s story

Getting treatment for an ear infection – Jeff’s story
At Walk-in Clinic Near Me, we are no stranger to urgent care needs. Every day, our highly-trained staff treat a host of ear, chest throat and urinary tract infections. We asked a recent patient about their experiences with our services. This blog details their story and experience here at Walk-in Clinic Near Me.
Jeff had a pain in his left ear for a week before visiting one of our walk-in clinics. The pain he was experiencing was not only consistent, but it was limiting his ability to hear properly, making work and family life more difficult. His symptoms included a high temperature, earache, swelling and fluid coming out of the ear. With his condition becoming more intrusive, he decided to take the steps towards seeking medical help.

Trying to get an appointment with his GP was proving difficult

For Jeff, receiving advice and treatment was essential to stop his infection from getting worse. Trying to book an appointment at his local GP was harder than he expected. Despite calling in the morning to book an on-the-day appointment, he was experiencing delays and was unsuccessful in securing a consultation. Jeff was aware of the stress being placed under General Practices and the NHS as a whole, but he didn't want to wait any longer to receive his treatment.

That's when he got in touch with us

Thanks to our social media posting on Facebook, he was able to find out about our range of urgent care services. Jeff got in touch with us through our Walk-in Clinic Near Me website. We advised him to come in as soon as possible and that no prior appointment was required to receive his consultation.

The next day...

Jeff attended one of our local clinic’s the next day. His consultation was carried out by one of our professional clinics who used an otoscope (a small medial light) to inspect his inner and outer ear, checking for blockages. His body temperature was also observed and recorded given his mentioning of very high temperatures before his visit.

After the consultation...

After the consultation, it was determined that Jeff was suffering from a bacterial ear infection and he was provided with a course of antibiotics to treat his infection. He was given tips on how to take the antibiotics effectively. Jeff also received advice on how to prevent future ear infections by limiting cotton wool buds used in the inner ear and trying to avoid filling his ear with water and shampoo when showering.
Three days after being prescribed his medication, Jeff had noticed a massive difference in his condition and was on the road to recovery within the week. He was more than impressed with our advice and treatment. Jeff was happy to provide us with a quick testimonial saying:

Great service, I should have done something sooner, feeling so much better now I’ve had my consultation and treatment. I’d recommend ‘Walk-in Clinic Near Me’ for any issue you may have. Not having to make an appointment was perfect for my schedule too.
― Jeff

Do you need urgent care advice and treatment? Or are you looking for support with your pain management? Visit your local walk-in clinic today to get the care that you need.

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The urgent care service at my walk-in clinic is the best in the area, no unnecessary waiting and the consultation was professional. Keep up the great services.

Jillian Grey

This Walk-in Clinic has everything you could need. Being able to receive treatment and advice for my travels abroad and support for my chronic pain all in one place. It’s so useful.

Martha Simons

Booking an appointment for the same day was easy. The staff are beyond friendly and kind, I was seen within 10 minutes of arriving. Thanks again!

Zack Wood

I was in the clinic for no more than 20 minutes, I was seen quickly and given medication to take home. The community is lucky to have such a great clinic.

Oliver Jackson

I was worried about recent chest pains, the clinic staff were quick to put my mind at ease – very professional and gave me all I needed to help treat the pain. Can’t recommend this place enough.

Zoe Neal